Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Won't you be my neighbor?

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I'm moving in nine days (yikes!), and I realized yesterday that I really don't know my neighbors at all.  I've lived in this apartment for three years, but unfortunately, I've never made the effort to get to know anyone in the building.  We all seem to have really different schedules, and we all just seem to keep to ourselves.  Maybe at my new place, I'll make friends with my neighbors and we'll be just like "Friends."  And I can be Rachel.

I do know a few things about some of my neighbors:

Lady across the hall from me: She has said "hi" to me maybe five times in three years.  She always seems to be in a bad mood, probably because I think she works the night shift somewhere.  I often hear her leaving around midnight and then coming back home just as the sun is coming up.  She does have a penchant for Frank Sinatra and old swing-type music, so she can't always be in a bad mood.  She also cooks a lot of bacon.

Guy right below me: Honestly, this dude makes me uncomfortable.  He seems really secretive.  If we're both coming into the apartment building at the same time, he'll hurry to get in before me and make an effort to shield me from seeing what's in the grocery bags he's carrying (seriously -- what's in those bags?).  He also "accidentally" opened some of my mail once.  I don't trust him.  He has all the makings of the unassuming serial killer that lives below me.  Bah, ha,, ha (that's my evil laugh).

Couple across the hall from the guy right below me: They're about the same age as my parents, and seem very nice.  Unfortunately, they love to eat boiled cabbage, which smells exactly like 50 bags of garbage.  After they'd been here about a month, a gel air freshener mysteriously appeared on top of the mailboxes in the hallway.  They also decorated the communal front porch with really awful silk flowers.  I've been tempted to make those mysteriously disappear, too.

How about you guys?  Do you know your neighbors?  


LL said...

We have never really known our neighbors. In fact, at our current place I barely even see anyone else! Some people across the street have a cute cat and dog that I feel like I know, but I've never seen their owners.

At our place in Huntsville, the only time we ever met any of our neighbors was after the tornadoes, when we were all wandering around not knowing what to do.

I often think it would be good to know neighbors, though, in case you ever had some emergency and needed help.

Jane said...

I wish we knew our neighbors better, but we are getting there! We know the family to the right of us and I know the lady across the street. Having a baby helps. :) I also know the "regulars" who walk in the mornings and all of their dogs.