Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We made a CD!

Well, Holly Jo (my amazing sister) and I actually made an EP.  We're super, super excited to be able to share it with you all!

If you would like to purchase our EP and/or the karaoke tracks, please visit here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Song I'm Digging This Week

Yeah, I'm going back to the one-song-a-week post. I'm better at that.

I sing because I'm happy...I sing because I'm free.

"Sparrow" - Audrey Assad

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Doppelganger: Iris Simpkins

I'd like to introduce you all to my alter ego today:

Yep. It's Iris Simpkins (the character, not Kate Winslet - although she's pretty amazing, too) from "The Holiday."

I seriously feel like Nancy Meyers spied on me my whole life before she created this character. When Ashleigh, Kam, and I went to see the movie, they both kept nudging me, saying "That is so you!"

And it's true. In lots of ways. Here's a breakdown.

1. We were both in love with the wrong guy for waaaay too long.

Her - Jasper Bloom (even with his wonky eye - how did she not notice the wonky eye?)

Me - a guy who shall go unnamed, but suffice it to say, I still held out an eensy weensy bit of hope that we might end up together at the end - in a retirement home Little Texas "What Might Have Been" kind of way - up until he had children. With his wife. Of five years. Yeeeah, I might be a little more pathetic on this one.

2. We're both slightly over-dramatic and maybe cry at home over our horrible lives with only our adorable pets as witnesses.

Her - Contemplates gassing herself over the stove while sobbing over Jasper while her dog Charlie looks on with appropriate concern.

Me - I cried just last week while making myself a whole bunch of eggs. That's right. Eggs. Then I ate them while simultaneously holding Gilbert against his will. He did not show the same level of concern as Charlie - he was mostly just enraged.

3. We both write.

Her - as a journalist for "The Daily Telegraph"

Me - as a freelance magazine writer and a wannabe novelist (if I could make myself buckle down and finish. It.)

4. We're both looking for corny in our lives.

She - finds it with Miles.

Me - still looking. And looking. And looking. (Where is he?)

5. We both love cardigans. Seriously love them.

This needs no explanation. Let's just say we're both all about some cozy sweaters meant to layer.

There are a couple more similarities, but if I list them all in minute detail, this post could be a novella.

There's also one way in which I wish we were similar, but we're so not.

Iris's house is always company-ready. Mine...is not.

Her - She decides to leave for America with one day's notice, and her house is totally spotless and ready for Amanda Woods to show up and (gasp!) even unpack her clothes into her closet. Every dish is where it should be. The bed is made. When Amanda slides her suitcase under the bed, it slides in with no resistance. I know, I know. It's a movie set - blah, blah, blah. But still. It's impressive.

Me - I would never have been able to leave on a house-swapping trip with just one day to clean, unless I broke the bank to hire Merry Maids. Also, if Jasper Bloom had shown up at the house I had swapped in America, I would have panicked like you wouldn't believe. I would have had to hustle him out the front door to the beautiful pool area to try and swindle me back into a relationship, because I would have a jillion plates with half-eaten food stacked on the kitchen counters, shopping bags piled up on the stairs, and an unmade bed and the suitcase I never unpacked overflowing with clean and dirty clothes in the bedroom. In fact, I would have had to stay up until 3 AM the night before I had to fly back to England just to psycho clean before my flight. Sad, sad, sad. But true.

I did just clean my entire apartment from top to bottom, so maybe I can get one step closer to real-life Irisness (yes, I just created that word) soon. And maybe someday I'll take off on a crazy trip to England, just because I can. And I'll have to call all my friends and family here after two weeks and inform them that I've met a beautiful English man named Graham (because, hey - he's not my brother), and I've decided to stay in England. Forever.

So just because - here's the trailer. I'm pretty sure this will always be my favorite movie: