Monday, June 21, 2010

...And then the bottom fell out.

On Saturday, Holly Jo and I decided to engage in our yearly summer ritual: The Yard Sale.

Holly Jo's friend Allison had arranged for us to set up on the main stretch of road about 20 minutes from Holly Jo's house, and so we arrived at about 6:30 AM and got to work.

And it was hot. Really, really, hot. Sauna hot. Miserably hot.

And then, at about 12, a cloud rolled in. Just a small one. We all looked at each other, and Holly Jo said "I'm sure it will just pass by." After all, the weather report didn't predict rain. So we just waited.

Then it started to drizzle. Holly Jo and I covered up our books, but left everything else sitting out. We were laughing, and I even snapped the picture above. If you look carefully, you can see a few drips of water coming off the shade tent we were under.

And then suddenly, all of heaven opened up and a tsunami dropped down on us. Seriously. I have never been outside in rain like that.

For a while, we scrambled around, trying to save things - grabbing armfuls of clothing, picture frames, and slip-sliding to our cars. And then the wind picked up and started knocking things over - clothes racks, tables, etc.

At that point, Allison, Holly Jo, and I all looked at each other - water dripping off our faces, our hands shielding our eyes, our tshirts suctioned to our bodies - and we started to laugh. If so many people hadn't been passing by us (no doubt thinking "what idiotic girls"), I think we would have just played in the rain for a while. I did, however, reenact a few inspirational photo poses - you know, arms outstretched, face towards the sky, eyes closed. If someone had snapped a picture, I think I could have made it onto a Lifeway poster...

Needless to say, the yard sale was over, and the drive back home was a little squishy.

But I'd do it again.


Jane said...

That is great. Gotta love those playing-in-the-rain moments. Sometimes they get forced upon us, but they ARE kind of fun. :)