Monday, January 4, 2010

I will shush you at the movies. I will.

I went to the movies by myself on New Year's Eve to see "It's Complicated." It was my first New Year's Eve by myself - I've always been with family or friends, but this year it worked out that it was just me. It really wasn't too bad - I just relaxed and basically did whatever I wanted to do. And since I LOVE any Nancy Meyers movie, I thought that it was the perfect way to end the year.

I got there just before the movie started to find that the theater was packed, which surprised me. I thought people would be busy at New Year's parties and shindigs, but evidently I wasn't the only one excited to see the movie.

One of the only seats left was on the back row, and I ended up sitting next to a teenage couple.

Yeah. One of those couples.

I began to get worried during the previews (which, let's be honest, is one of the best parts of going to the movies) when Mr. Teenage Couple proceeded to talk loudly - in baby talk, no less - to Miss Teenage Couple. But I decided to calm down, because maybe they just didn't appreciate the previews like I do. Surely they'd shut up during the movie.

No such luck. It just got worse. If anything, the talking increased, as well as the volume.

And then - my breaking point. Midway through the film, their conversation was really going, and I turned to look at them and came face to face with Miss Teenage Couple's foot. She had stretched out over the seat between us and had put her bare feet inches from my face.

That was it. I felt something come over me - my face started getting hot, and I started getting angry. I paid for this ticket. I paid to enjoy the movie. I couldn't concentrate because I couldn't drown them out, and now - now, she's going to stick her stinky foot in my face?


So before I had time to think twice about it, I leaned over and said loudly "Hey. Are you guys here to watch this movie or to make out? Because frankly, I'd like to watch the movie, if you don't mind."

Shocked silence. Not another peep. For the whole movie (which was fabulous).

I felt so triumphant. Exultant.

And then I realized - I have become my father. My dad was notorious for doing things like that when I was younger - I can remember being in line at Disney World in middle school in line for Splash Mountain. We were behind another teenage couple, who proceeded to play tonsil hockey the entire time we were in line. My dad was disgusted and annoyed, and I could see him keying himself up to say something. I remember praying "Pleasepleaseplease don't say anything...pleasepleaseplease..." I breathed a sigh of relief as the couple got on the ride. Dad had been able to rein himself in. But just as they were taking off, my dad leaned over, slapped the back of the "log," and yelled "YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THAT YOUNG LADY!" to the boy. I wanted. To. Die.

But now I look back on that moment and think "Go Dad!" The boy didn't have any respect for that girl. And someone needed to point that out.

The fact is, teenagers don't know what's best and sometimes they behave like idiots.

And if my dad and I have to be the ones to point that out, then so be it. I don't mind being the scary adult every once in a while. Especially if it allows me to enjoy a good movie.

Song I'm Digging Today: "Let Go" by Frou Frou

This is the CD that introduced me to Imogen Heap, and it really is great. Frou Frou was a collaboration between Heap and British musician Guy Sigsworth, and I think it really defined Heap's future musical sound. Every song is lush and cinematic.

This song has become famous for being on the "Garden State" soundtrack, but I actually heard it before that at a Bible study in Nashville, where they used it as the soundtrack to a montage video. I immediately tracked the song down and bought the CD. It's been on my iPod ever since.

Best line: "Excuse me/too busy writing your tragedy/These mishaps you bubble wrap/When you've no idea what you're like"


Anonymous said...

I. Love. IT! Wish I had been there.