Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To ink or not to ink?

So I already have one tattoo (gasp!) on the second toe of my right foot. It's a lovely little treble clef, and I love it. I seriously haven't regretted it once since I got it almost five years ago.

I went to a conference with some friends a few weeks ago, and one of the speakers mentioned that he'd just gotten a tattoo, and held up his arm to show a cute design involving his kids' names.

And I got the itch to get a new one.

Now I'm not crazy about the whole arm-sleeve tattoo look. I don't want to look like my name is Bertha and I drive a Harley and play lots of hard-core softball. I'm pretty girly. I want one the inside of my right wrist.

A small one.

The two things I love most in the world are music and writing. I've got the music tattoo covered.

I'd like to get something in tribute of my other favorite hobby, so here's what I'm thinking - this, this word:


Very small. Very easily covered up by a bracelet or a watch.

What do you guys think?

Song I'm digging today: "2-1 (Instrumental)" by Imogen Heap

I really can't convey how obsessed I am with this CD. Well, with anything by Imogen Heap. She really is my very favorite singer, hands-down. And I'm so, so excited because Ashleigh and I are going to see her next month in Nashville!

I've had this CD in my car since it came out, and I still haven't gotten remotely tired of it. It's just that good.

I bought the special edition album, and it came with a bonus CD of instrumental tracks. While I love, love, love the original song "2-1" with vocals, this version is just as impressive. When the violin starts soaring over the piano, I get chills.

Every time.


Dionne said...

I could never pull off the whole tattoo thing. I see some that I think look so beautiful, but I am sure my friends would laugh if I got one, hehehe.

But for you, I am sure it will be lovely! I like the idea of a single word. Simple, discreet, and feminine. Now you gotta pick the font!