Saturday, January 8, 2011

Viva Las Elvis

Today is Elvis's birthday.

About five years ago, Ashleigh and I spontaneously decided to take the day off from our jobs and drive to Memphis to visit Elvis's famous house, Graceland. Neither Ashleigh or I were especially obsessed with Elvis, but we decided that Graceland is something that everybody should visit once.

By the time we left the 70's-tastic mansion, we were both a little bit enamored with Elvis. Ok, maybe a lot. I mean, check out that picture, folks. Elvis was H-O-T. I even bought a magnet of the picture above to put on my fridge. And even if his style of music isn't your cup of tea, the man was immensely talented, and it's such a shame that his life was cut so short.

I think I'll be tuning my Sirius radio to the all Elvis station today in tribute. I might even do a little hip shaking. Who knows?


Jane said...

Well that is totally fun! I have never been to Graceland. But you are right Elvis was very hot and very talented. Kind of a waste of a good man, the way it all turned out.