Monday, August 30, 2010

Book #18: The Wedding Girl

The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickham

Ok, I admit it - I'm a sucker for any Madeleine Wickham (whose pen name is Sophie Kinsella) novel. I love them all, no matter how cheesy they might be. They always offer a peek into what I feel like is the quintessential British life (although I may be totally, completely wrong).

This book centers around a girl named Milly who, when she was 18, married her gay American friend Alan so he could stay in the country. Ten years later, engaged to the son of a famous billionaire, she finds that her secret is definitely going to come out (no pun intended).

I'm not sure how she does it, but Wickham always manages to make the ditziest characters in the world (and almost all her female characters are pretty airhead-ish) extremely likable and hilarious.

Ah, chick lit - always meant to be read in the bathtub, while you're getting a pedicure, or eating something fattening.