Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joggin' in a jug

This morning I drove to my parents' church to be with my mom for Mother's Day. It's about a two hour drive, so I left around 7:45.

I just want to share with you all the "it could could only happen in this state" event that I witnessed on my way up the mountain.

As I was rounding the big curve, I looked to my right and saw a middle-aged man in full-out jogging attire (we're talking spandex shorts and everything) booking it on the path down the mountain. And as I was looking at him, he raised his hand to drink from what I thought was a water bottle, but no, I was wrong.

It was a bottle of Bud Lite.

Only here, folks. Only here.
Song I'm digging today: "Meet Me by the Water" by Rachael Yamagata

Just a good old-fashioned "I wanna make out with you" song. I love her voice, though - it almost sounds like she smoked a pack of cigarettes just before recording the song, but for some reason, it works for her.

I'm not advocating smoking - just the smoky voice. ;-)


Jane said...

You know, as a runner, I've often been surprised by how many runners actually WANT a beer after a run...that is the LAST thing I want...but to each his own. :)

25 Year Old Woman said...

No no no, that's not joggin' in a jug. Remember, Grandpa taught us that joggin' in a jug is a mixture of grape juice, apple juice, and vinegar.

Amanda said...

I know - I remember that concoction. And I hated it. Ah, Grandpa. If I had seen the dude drinking actual Joggin' in a Jug, I think I would have had to pull over because I couldn't drive and laugh that hard.

Anonymous said...

I'll say that only in that county will you see that. Our entire state isn't that bad.


Missy said...

I LOVE it!! I guess he was having a VERY good jog. Keep up the blog, it's great!!

FDC said...

Bud Lite? Must have been a good jog.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that is AWESOME ;) A jog and a beer.....go figure!