Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Self Realization #10

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Sometimes, the only reason I make sure my house is clean when I leave it is because if I'm murdered and the CSI team has to come back to my place to look into it, I want them to be impressed by my neat, cute house. 

Because, of course, that's what they'll be thinking about after they find my dead body:  

"Who could murder someone who was such a great housekeeper?  She must have been so interesting."


sara said...

Oh my gosh, this makes me feel better. Sometimes I have to reduce the mess before bed just in case I don't wake up. I don't want to be embarrassed by dirty clothes in the hallway or something.
Although, on the level of Debbie Downer / and the ultimate juke (though not a Jesus juke per se)-- my house was burglarized a few weeks ago when I was at a friend's house. I had guests the day before the burglary, so the house was very picked up. There weren't electronics left out, or mail sitting around. This may have helped keep the thief's take to just one tv. True story.
From one single girl to another, lock your doors and set your alarm! I have a rediscovered affinity for ADT (it worked like it was supposed to).
Also, re: your FB post earlier today about a Bible study-- totally been there. Harumph.