Monday, October 25, 2010

Book #28: Gods in Alabama

Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson

When Arelene Fleet leaves Possett, Alabama, she promises God three things:

1)She will never fornicate again.

2)She will never tell a lie.

3)She will never, ever go back to Alabama.

She vows she'll do all these things, if God will keep His end of the deal - never let anyone find Jim Beverly's body.

Nine years later, a girl from Arlene's past shows up on her doorstep in Chicago and the deal is off. Arlene is forced to return to Alabama and her dysfunctional family in order to keep her huge secret.

I normally don't read Southern authors (being from the South, I feel I pretty much know all I need to know about good old Southern customs, thank you very much), but this book wasn't all "y'all" this and "cain't" that. It was a good mystery, and now I want to read more of Jackson's work. My only gripe is that I don't know any people close to my age named Arlene, Clarice, Jim, Rose Mae, or Ray. Not all Southerners choose their children's names from Gone with the Wind.


Jane said...

HA HA HA (Maybe you should start calling me Sally Jane or something). I may have to read this one too! Good grief. How am I going to keep up with all of these? When people ask for a Christmas wish list, I will just send them to your blog. ;)

annie said...

Hah! My name is Annie Sue, does that count? Anyway, check out some of Jackson's other stuff. I've really enjoyed them...