Monday, May 3, 2010

Book #9: Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff

For some unknown reason, I seemed to be one of the only people on the planet who hadn't discovered this hilarious blog until a few weeks ago when I found the book taken from the blog at Barnes and Noble. Styled after the blog "Stuff White People Like," Acuff has taken the everyday life of Christians and turned into one of the wittiest observations I've ever read.

Almost every essay made me laugh out loud, mainly because I've been in exactly those situations. Not every essay ends on a serious, insightful note, but some do and even the silliest ones made me think. To non-churchgoers and non-believers, some of the things we as Christians deem "normal" are anything but.

One of my favorite new books. I've already lent it out. And I better get it back, or I will gossip about you and disguise it as prayer (that means you, Tara).


jenna said...

This book really is so funny! I won a signed copy at that conference I went to a couple weeks ago. How did I win it, you ask? I was the first to raise my hand when he asked, "Who hear has gone on a mission trip and come back with a machete?" Oh yeah. haha

Amanda said...

Jenna, that's awesome! You know, I think if we could find a Jonathan Acuff/Donald Miller combination man someday, we'd be set. Well. I mean, we'd have to find two of them. Obviously. ;o)